How to design your own American house

An American house designed by a British designer and built by a Indian housewife could soon be seen around the world.A team of design professionals have designed the house in England to resemble a Victorian house, with a lot of the interior space taken from a French cottage.The house has a modern, modern look and it is designed to be […]

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How to Build a Home with Craft and Design Tools

Home designers, designers, builders and other home aficionados can now apply the tools they have learned to craft the perfect house.Here are 10 tools you can use to build the perfect home.1.Make a Masonry Cabinet This is probably the most important tool.Craftsman Tools has made the Masons Cabinet, a simple cabinet that includes a table, chair and shelves.It’s a great […]

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What is the best eco house design in Kerala?

In Kerala, a home designer can create the ideal home for a wide range of buyers, with the potential to transform the landscape of an area into an eco house with its own identity.This is due to the nature of Kerala’s eco system and the local community’s involvement in the design and construction of the homes.A house designer must know […]

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