The Next Big Thing for Pinoy house designers

Pinoy designers are hoping the 2020 House Design Awards will be a catalyst for their creativity.They are hoping that their winning designs will help spark a new wave of house design in the country.“We want to use the 2020 house design awards as a platform to share our knowledge and passion to further our careers,” said Jose Luis, who will […]

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How to make an authentic pinoy house with a futuristic theme

An authentic pinoys house is something that most people can’t afford, but those who do can’t wait for the real thing.Pinoy house designs are pretty similar to their Chinese counterparts, but they are a bit different.The difference is that pinoy houses are usually based on a modern design with a lot of color, so that the house looks really futuristic.This […]

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Why is this tiny house design called ‘ethiopic’?

Posted October 11, 2018 08:06:47There is no shortage of tiny house designs and many of them have come from across the world.But what is unique about these designs is the house design team is made up of a number of designers from different parts of the world and is a true team effort.Here are a few of our favorites:One of […]

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