Why you need a design that makes you feel like you’re in a small home design?

This week, we’re featuring an interview with designer, little house designer and architect, Kate Molnar.The design of Kate’s little house is one that’s definitely different than any of the rest of the little house world, and it’s certainly not for everyone.It’s a design inspired by the small, intimate homes that her parents live in and how they used to live, […]

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The new ‘Little House on the Hill’ at the end of the block is a sign of the times

The new Little House on a Hill in the Swedish capital Stockholm has been a bit of a success in the first few weeks of construction, but the project has been plagued by a lot of problems and it is now being shut down.The project was supposed to open in June and be completed in 2019, but was delayed due […]

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What is little house and why is it so important?

The Little House on the Prairie, a home that was designed in 1848 and inspired by the British countryside, has long been a favorite destination for American families.But in recent years, the house has become more popular as more homes are built in urban areas.Today, many of the Little House’s more than 10,000 residents live in large urban neighborhoods, and […]

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