How to create a modern European house

The design of the house is not so important as what kind of furniture it will include.The house’s design, according to the designer, is a result of a combination of three things: The architecture, the materials, and the people.The house’s designers and engineers are the same people, and their ideas are shared with each other in a collaborative manner.For example, […]

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How to save $200,000 in house design salaries

House design is a lucrative field.With salaries starting at around $80,000, there’s a good chance that your design skills are on the line for this job.And with many designs coming from around the world, we thought it was only fair to highlight the top paid house designers and offer tips for finding the best salary.

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‘Korean house: What you need to know about the Korean design world’

Is this your dream house?This story is about a Korean house designed by Korean architect Kang Seung-hyun.This story was originally published by The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and is reproduced here as part of the Africa Center’s series “The Architecture of Conflict.”Read more from The Washington, DC Report on African Affairs.

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