3-D house design is more than just a house

A 3-dimensional house design could have a lot more impact than you think.The home design world is getting a lot better at designing 3-d designs, says Dr. William Kostin, a professor of architecture at the University of Illinois.He says the process has been made more accessible by 3-dimensions on many buildings around the world, including the new U.S. Capitol in […]

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Which country has the best design?

The best countries to design your home?The best designs in every corner of the globe, according to the new rankings released by Axios.The new rankings look at the number of people, number of homes, and the quality of each country’s design.Here are the top 10 countries: 1.Finland 2.Canada 3.Iceland 4.Norway 5.Switzerland 6.Netherlands 7.France 8.New Zealand 9.Belgium 10.Iceland Source: Axios / […]

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