Long house design with a twist: the long house design

Designed by architects Zola Nunez, who also designed the House of the Living World and the Italian Pavilion, the Long House is a small house designed for people who prefer to be on the move rather than in their home all day.It’s also designed for the same purposes as a house: sleeping in, cooking and having a good time.The idea […]

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How to Make an ‘Amen’ Mini House Design with a Tiny Home Home on a Farm

A new mini house on a farm might be a bit of a stretch for most of us, but a new design from a California company is giving people a new option to design a house on their own property.The MiniHouse is an architectural design platform that can turn a small house into a house of a modest size.The platform […]

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How to design your own hillside home in a day

We’re not the first people to think that hillside homes are a must-have.And while we can’t really compare it to traditional, two-bedroom houses, the idea is a big step forward from the last two decades of house building.For the last decade or so, we’ve seen an influx of homes built on hilltops, from small and medium-sized towns to major cities.While […]

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