How to build a tiny house design for less than $25,000

In this article, we’ll show you how to build the smallest house design you can for under $25.We’ll show the basic steps, then you’ll build it yourself and see what you can do with it.First things first, you need a few things: an insulated roof, a ceiling, a frame, a floor, and a ceiling fan.(We’ll cover how to do this […]

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When You’re Trying To Create a Fashions-Free House, The Style Guide Is The Most Important Book You’ll Ever Read

The Style Book is a bible of house designs.Its purpose is to help you make your home feel unique and stylish, and it has many books like this to help with that task.For instance, the first edition of the book, The House Designers’ Handbook, was published in 2000, and was the first book to feature the idea of “fashions and […]

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What is a sustainable house design?

The term sustainable house was first coined by the Environmental Defense Fund in 1999.It refers to a house that has a design that is both low-impact and environmentally sustainable, but that also includes the environmental aspects of its construction.A sustainable house also includes elements such as a roof that provides shade and natural light, and a ventilation system that keeps […]

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