Long house design with a twist: the long house design

Designed by architects Zola Nunez, who also designed the House of the Living World and the Italian Pavilion, the Long House is a small house designed for people who prefer to be on the move rather than in their home all day.It’s also designed for the same purposes as a house: sleeping in, cooking and having a good time.The idea […]

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‘Good House Design’ is the next big thing in house design

The house that you built in your childhood has gone to your grave.You don’t have to be a genius to see that.You just need to look at the pictures and think about how beautiful the house was, and how much you want to put in it.And if you don’t, then the design is just going to be terrible.It’s the same […]

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What is little house and why is it so important?

The Little House on the Prairie, a home that was designed in 1848 and inspired by the British countryside, has long been a favorite destination for American families.But in recent years, the house has become more popular as more homes are built in urban areas.Today, many of the Little House’s more than 10,000 residents live in large urban neighborhoods, and […]

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