The Hackwith Design House is a modern, round, and minimalist house

The HackWith Design House was designed to create a modern home in a serene environment.This house is built with reclaimed materials, reclaimed furniture, reclaimed furnishings, reclaimed flooring, reclaimed wood, reclaimed glass, reclaimed fabric, reclaimed wallpaper, reclaimed carpeting, and reclaimed wood.A portion of the house is filled with reclaimed furniture to create an organic, organic feel, and the rest is made […]

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How to make your house look like an old log house

A new style of house design is in the works for a Melbourne suburb.Architect Paul O’Connor has developed a design that aims to make old homes more appealing to tourists and their families.The house is based on an old Victorian structure, called the “old log house”.It’s part of a larger project to design a new house in the town of […]

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Why are some of the architects in the building’s design averse to concrete?

The concrete-and-glass style has been around for at least a century, but it’s rarely been a mainstay in the design of homes.Now, a new set of guidelines from the city’s Planning Department could change that.A draft of the new guidelines, which were presented Wednesday at a public meeting of the Jerusalem Planning Board, outlines a few of the ways that […]

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