Colonial house design: How the French designed their homes in 1789

By the end of the 19th century, European colonists in North America had begun to adapt to new, more comfortable conditions.In New Orleans, they took a more elegant approach to the streets and houses that had been built in the New World, as the city was becoming more industrialized and populated.The result was a more refined aesthetic for homes in […]

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Which country has the best design?

The best countries to design your home?The best designs in every corner of the globe, according to the new rankings released by Axios.The new rankings look at the number of people, number of homes, and the quality of each country’s design.Here are the top 10 countries: 1.Finland 2.Canada 3.Iceland 4.Norway 5.Switzerland 6.Netherlands 7.France 8.New Zealand 9.Belgium 10.Iceland Source: Axios / […]

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