The winners of the house design contest on BBC News will be chosen by the BBC’s House Design Team.

The winners will be announced in January and are expected to be announced by the end of February.

The winning designs will be displayed in a BBC Museum exhibition and a special BBC TV special.

The contest began in February this year with the challenge to design the UK’s most iconic house in a bid to raise awareness of the challenges faced by housebuilding.

The house is one of many homes on the BBC list of iconic buildings and is often described as the home of the English monarch.

This year, the BBC also announced the winners of a competition to design a home for a young British girl with special needs, the £1.9 million project ‘A Place to Call Home’.

The home was completed in March.

The BBC is also launching a project to create a house that has the “unusual appeal of being a family home”.

The BBC House Design team has been working with architects to create the new house, which will be named after the family in the House of Commons.

The design is based on a series of houses designed by the team, and the BBC is offering a £1,500 entry fee to anyone who takes part.

The finalist designs will then be judged by the House Design staff, who will select the winner and present it to the BBC Museum.

The winner will receive the award and the design.

The first home to be named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II was a £2.5 million project by the design team from the private firm Molloy, who also designed the house of Charles II.

The home was named after Elizabeth II and was designed by architect Sir Charles Maclaren and architect Peter Hirst.

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