Kerala’s dream house design is one of the hottest trends in the country right now.

Kerala house designers are known for their bold, colorful designs.

These houses are designed with a futuristic vibe and the idea of creating a home of love and happiness that’s totally unique to the state.

In fact, the idea behind this house design in Kerala is so unique, that it’s not just a new concept, but it is a brand new concept in the entire world.

A house is designed for love, for harmony, and for peace.

It’s also a beautiful, simple home, with beautiful touches that you can find in every home in Kerala.

The design of the Kerala house is different in every house.

In fact, it’s different for every house in the state, but the design is always the same.

Kathakali Kastur, founder and CEO of design house Kasturia, has a vision to change this, which is why she wanted to design her dream house, which she calls the “Dream House” in Kerala, to be something new and beautiful.

“I wanted to create a house that is unique to Kerala,” Kasturi told CNN.

“I wanted this to be a new house that was not a traditional one, but was something new.

And that is why I made a house out of a lot of different materials.”

Kasturi explained that her dream was to create an environment that would be as beautiful and harmonious as the landscape, and to create harmony and peace in the house.

Kastura told CNN, “It’s like a dream house for Kerala.

It has a dream world inside, a house of peace, a love and harmony that is not in any other house in India.”

Kerala houses are also known for being very luxurious, which has a lot to do with the design.

Kosturi told us that the main reason behind the luxuriousness of these homes is because these homes have been designed to be very comfortable and luxurious.

She added, “This is what makes these homes so beautiful, so elegant and so unique.”

Kosturi is a big fan of the “Door of Love” design.

In this design, the door opens and closes at different speeds, which means that the interior is always changing.

“There is a great sense of calm and peace because you can hear the door opening and closing at different times,” Kostur explained.

Kastur said that the dream house would have “an air of warmth and harmony,” which makes it feel as if you are in an old-fashioned house.

The design also makes it very easy to set up in, making it easier for guests to set the house up.

The dream house is going to be featured on a website called

Kustur added, The site is going live this week, and it is the first time that a dream home has been featured on such a popular website.

“The ‘Door Of Love’ design will be on the ‘dream house’ website,” Kusturi said.

“The site is about building a house, and creating harmony and harmony in the home.

So the dream home is going up for people to look at and see.”

In addition to this, the site also has a “Dirt of Love,” which Kosturia explained is “a very beautiful, very simple design.

It was created with a simple, clean design, so that people can see and feel the simplicity of the design.”

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