In addition to the home itself, the site also lists different home features for fans and employees.

The design features included on the site include a fully functional TV, a fireplace, a fully-furnished kitchen, a dining area, and a large storage room with a laundry area.

All of these features are available for $1,995, or $1.25 million if you choose to take the leap to the more expensive model.

The NFL also offers a number of other home accessories including carpeting, flooring, and even an alarm clock.

The site also includes a home video player and other video content.

You can watch all of the features below, and then scroll down to view the design specs and purchase options.

Designing a NFL home from scratch is not cheap.

But for the price of a new television and a few hours of your time, you’ll get a home that’s just as good as a custom house, or at least close.

If you’re not as into home decor, the home design sites also offer the option to customize the house as you see fit.

If that sounds like something you want to try, you can go ahead and do that, too.

If this sounds like you, be sure to visit the other 10 best NFL homes to live in.

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