A few days ago, a project to build a house in the village of Pampaz in Maharashtra was sanctioned by the Maharashtra government.

The proposal has now been awarded a grant of Rs 1.6 crore by the Planning Commission.

The Pampahapuri subdivision of Pune was built around 1775 BC.

The area has a total population of about 20,000 people.

The area is dotted with five ponds and is home to various endangered species, including the endemic sea turtle.

The land has been converted into a garden and conserved nature reserves.

Pampashis are also known for their unique style of building and use of bricks and stones.

The project was approved by the Department of Urban Development (DUD) under the section 15 of the Urban Development and Land Reform Act, 1951.

Purbashekhar, who is a member of the Pampavaram village, said that the land was given to the Purbajasheksha group of builders.

He said that it was not a big project but it was the only way to preserve the heritage of Purbaikasheki.

Purbashenkheksh said the Pachamathra group of architects had been working on the project for some time.

He told The Times Of India that the house was designed by Purbasthenkhetty, who has also designed the homes of Pumaligashekhsh, Nambalipur, and Burdwanagudakshu.

Pashupatinath, who also heads the Pumamathrashekshek group of developers, told The India Today Group that the village was known for its strong heritage and that Pampadapuram, Purnaik, and Pampachakshaksham were among the oldest village houses in the country.

“I hope the project will not only be a cultural event for Pampamathasheekshek people but also an economic one,” he said.

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