It’s been a wild summer, with a few of the world’s best designers getting busy making their next creations.

Here’s a look at some of the most interesting new designs, and some of our favourite examples from around the web.1.

New York house by New York architects Peter Tompkins and Daniel Schatz in the U.S.

A few weeks ago, New York architect Peter Tomsztas announced that he was designing a house for himself, and we thought it would be great to have an inside look at his new creation, called the “Avalon.”

The Avalon is a modern, mid-century modern design, designed by Tomssztases wife, Anne.

The design is a mix of modern elements, with an elegant facade and a modern style, which combines modern architecture with a rustic design.

Tomsson says that the design was inspired by his time in the United Kingdom, where he lived with his parents during the Industrial Revolution, and it was inspired after he spent time in England with his family during the Second World War.

He describes it as a kind of “backyard” house, where the “architecture and the land are connected.”

The Avalon was designed by the firm of New York firm Peter Tonsztasis and Daniel Schultz, whose designs include a home for his father, architect Richard Tomsosztatis, in London, the offices of the New York Public Library, and the New Orleans City Hall.

The architecture of the Avalon is both modern and rustic, with its elegant exterior and open facade, but also a contemporary contemporary and rusticated look.

The interior of the house has the feel of a contemporary mid-sized home, and includes a kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms.

The architecture and design elements, which include the addition of a kitchen and a bathroom, are influenced by the style of Italian-American architect Guglielmo Marconi, and incorporate traditional materials such as timber, plaster, brick, and stone.

It’s clear from the design that Tomsts house will feature an open kitchen and dining room as well as a rusticated feel.

We hope to see more designs from the firm in the future.

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