I bought a two-bedroom house in the suburbs of Houston for $1.5 million in 2009. 

My wife and I both worked in finance and were both single. 

I was able to save a lot of money through my investments, so I felt like I had a chance to be part of the future. 

But the house didn’t live up to expectations, and we eventually sold it. 

It was a $2 million investment and my investment was only about 10 percent of the sale price. 

For the next year, we were constantly trying to figure out what to do next. 

We bought a house and started a new job in the Houston area. 

As time went on, we realized that we didn’t have a plan for the future and we were stuck with our current house. 

Our house is a two bedroom home that we bought in the early 2000s. 

The house is now a six bedroom home. 

At the time of purchase, the house was a great deal for a house, but I had no idea how to fix the issues. 

Since then, I’ve lived in the house every day, with a little bit of a different perspective. 

In my current job, I have a full-time mortgage. 

On top of the mortgage, I also have an investment in the home and my personal savings account. 

A year ago, I decided to put the house on the market again, and this time, I didn’t want to have to wait until the market was over to see if I could get a home loan. 

With a mortgage, the interest rate is typically about 12 percent, so we wanted to get the best possible deal. 

That’s when we started researching for a home financing company. 

While we researched, I started to realize the amount of money we’d need to spend on a home is much higher than I thought. 

When I got to the top of our list, the home was priced at $1,750,000, which is $600,000 more than what we could afford. 

How much money did we need? 

I called our broker and we came up with an idea. 


There were a lot more people that we contacted. 

Many of them were from out of state and had homes that were significantly cheaper than the house we were looking at. 

They told us that they would look into our proposal and help us find a home that was much closer to our budget. 

If we could get through the next three months, we would get a loan of about $1 million, and that was before taxes and insurance. 

After talking to all of the brokers, we found a home we thought was close to what we were asking for. 

Then, it was time to make our final decision. 

What if we could pay it off over time? 

We thought we could be flexible with the loan amount because we were able to build up a savings. 

To put this into perspective, if we paid the loan off over 20 years, we’d have about $400,000 left over for retirement. 

So, we went ahead and agreed to pay it down at a slow rate, and let the mortgage pay off for 20 years. 

Of course, we didn�t know what to expect. 

Why should we pay it all off over the course of 20 years? 

Well, the fact is, we don’t have much cash left to pay down the mortgage.

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