Underground houses are not a fashion trend.

But they have gained a cult following in the past few years, as a way to escape from the city. 

A number of people are building them in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.

Here are five reasons why.1.

The house is more than a place. 

In some cases, the house is the location for a story.

It’s where the story begins.

In other cases, it’s a house you’ll be living in for decades.

But even when it’s not a house, the interior is often important.

The designer’s name is on the exterior.

The kitchen is a favorite of the designer.

There are pictures of the owner on the walls.

There’s a story in the backyard.

And in the basement, there’s a sculpture by the artist. 

“You can tell a story by what you’re seeing,” said Julie Johnson, a home decor expert and author of the “Love Your Home” book, “The Beautiful House.” 


It takes a certain personality to build an underground house. 

You’re never going to live in an underground space, unless you are one of the few people who actually live there. 

When people ask, “Why do you do this?” they typically don’t understand what it means.

But that’s what underground houses are for.

It means taking responsibility for your space, for your home, and for the lives of your neighbors.

“The fact that people are really interested in underground spaces is really surprising,” Johnson said.

“There’s something very natural about that.”3.

The design takes time. 

It takes a while to make the home look the way you envision.

It also takes time to get the house right.

“If you’re a designer who wants to have a home for a certain length of time, it will take some time,” Johnson explained.

But once you do, the design can be very satisfying.4.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a good underground house design. 

Many designers are doing the work for free.

Some, such as designer Lisa Garey, are putting the pieces together in a garage or a van.

Others, such androids named Sarah and Chris and artist Bryce Lee, are making the homes in their homes.


You can customize it for anyone. 

An underground house can be a work of art or a luxury.

And that can make it easy to customize.

“We’re not really interested just in people’s personal preferences,” Johnson says.

“I think people are interested in a home that will stand out.”

You can find out more about how to customize an underground home by checking out these tips from designer android artist Vixen, which is making the house in her basement.

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