Posted November 03, 2018 06:11:10 In his new book, The Art of the Future: The Design of the Next Generation of Futuristic Houses, designer and futurist Nick Land, founder of Futurist Labs, shares his thoughts on the design of future houses.

In this video interview, Land explains why he designed his futuristic house, which is located in the UK, in an area where it is not possible for people to walk, even in the summer.

The idea was to create a house that was not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, he said.

Land explains that he did not design the house with a focus on luxury, but rather wanted to be as practical as possible and not to limit the house’s design to just being a traditional house.

“My goal was to make a house where people could walk around and enjoy themselves,” Land said.

“And I wanted the house to be accessible and accessible to people.”

In the video, Land describes the design process for his futuristic home, which has been designed to be “simple and elegant.”

He said that his goal was not to be a designer of a fancy house, but to create an “easy, minimalistic house that people can enjoy and not think about.”

He explained that he took inspiration from the minimalist design of architecture and landscape, but with a futuristic twist.

He explained that the house was not meant to be very practical.

Land said that, for him, it is important to avoid “simplicity and efficiency” in his design.

Land said that he chose to use “simple, elegant” materials, and to make the house “simple but elegant” with a simple design.

“I wanted to create something that would not take up much space,” Land explained.

“I wanted the whole house to feel like a tiny house, so that it could be a bit more comfortable for people, rather than being a giant structure.”

He explains that his house is not meant for the wealthy or luxury dwellers, but for people who need a home with space to live in, and for those who need to relax in the evening.

Land explained that his futuristic, minimalist design was intended to be more affordable than many other modern homes.

Land said he has designs for many more homes to come.

“My goal is to have around 10 more houses, so the house I’m currently working on is around the size of a football field,” Land added.

“The goal is not to build a super-luxury house, it’s to make it as affordable as possible,” he said, adding that he would like to design more houses in the future.

The Design of a Futuristic House is available from the Futurism Labs website and from bookstores.

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