Bluebird has designed a beautiful house design for its owners in New Orleans.

The architects, John and Barbara McArthur, have been working for the past few years on their design.

The house is located at 1410 South Bienville Avenue, and is currently being marketed to local businesses.

According to the architects, their house “has a unique feel, with an elegant twist on the traditional Bluebird silhouette.”

The design includes four large bedrooms with multiple fireplaces, and three large bathrooms.

A kitchen and dining room are also included.

Bluebird is a New Orleans based firm that specializes in architectural design.

It’s not surprising that they chose to use the home design as a marketing platform.

Bluebirds home has many other amenities, including a full-service spa, and indoor tennis court.

The McArthurs, who are from Atlanta, had no problems with the project.

“We are very proud of the Bluebird design and the work it’s going to do for the community,” Barbara Mc Arthur said.

“The Bluebird house has been a tremendous source of inspiration for us and the surrounding communities.

We are very excited to work with Bluebird on our next home.”

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