A house is built from two parts: the foundation and the building.

If your house is on the ground, it’s probably a foundation house.

If you’re building it up, it might be a timber house.

To find out what makes a house, I used the construction of an old, stone building as a guide.

I built a timber-frame house in my garage.

First, I built it from a slab of brick.

Then, I made a base on top of it.

I also filled the slab with mortar and a couple of layers of plywood.

Then I filled the base with the rest of the slab.

This gives the house its original look.

Then it was a simple matter of adding a few decorative features, like decorative trim, a window, and some trim and a little more.

A decorative window.

The wood trim on this house was not painted, but I added a small bit of paint to the bottom of the window to help the viewer see the different shades of wood.

I think this adds a little pop to the whole thing.

To complete the house, the builder cut it into five pieces.

The foundation was a sheet of brick and some scrap wood.

The timber frame was a piece of 1×4 and a slab with a couple pieces of plywoods.

I then added a roof with some wood scraps and some 1×6 boards.

The rest of it was sanded down.

The house was finished with a coat of polyurethane foam insulation, and I had to glue it in place.

I wanted to make sure that it was strong enough to withstand the stresses of a storm.

This is the first house in the series that I did not have a professional build service.

I bought the home from a local homeowner and had it built from scratch.

The main reason I decided to use the same builder as the previous one was that he had a great reputation for building the houses in this country.

When I went to the builder, I asked him for the dimensions of the house.

He was quite helpful.

He said the first one had an extra bedroom, so I used that as a starting point.

He did a thorough inspection of the building and he recommended that I build the second one with a larger, bigger basement.

I went with that and made it my own.

I added some windows to the first and second houses and added some wood trim.

I did a little painting and a lot of trimming on the wood.

Then the roof was put together.

I had two big panels of ply.

It looks great, but it’s just a couple feet thick.

The whole roof is just one layer of wood and a few layers of foam.

I’m going to add a lot more to it later.

I painted the entire house white and used a paint roller to apply it.

After the insulation was dry, I took the roof off and I built another house.

It was the same process as the first, only this time I used wood and the insulation instead of concrete.

It’s a good deal easier to work with.

I decided that the house should be completely transparent.

I started by adding a large window on the front of the new house.

I called it the “glass window.”

The glass window is an easy way to get rid of the light and make it less noticeable.

Next, I added curtains on the back of the first room and a window on each side of the second room.

Then my first goal was to add some sort of fireplace.

I took a sheet that was 6′ x 4′ and I cut a 2×6 that I made into a 2′ x 2′ piece.

Then a sheet was cut for the back and I made two small pieces of sheet metal.

I attached them to the 2×4 frame.

Then all the pieces were attached together using the 2×6 piece.

I used a 2×4 piece for the inside wall.

I made three large holes in the back.

The first hole was 4′ high and I used some pipe clamps to put it in the wall.

Then four small holes were drilled in the sides of the ceiling and four holes were bored in the floor.

This way, the fire is going to be inside the house and not in the outside.

The fireplace was attached to the two-story frame.

The top of the fireplace is 8′ tall.

The bottom is 4′ wide and has a small opening for the top of a door.

Then on the other side of this opening is a 2-foot square of drywall, and on the outside is a 5-foot piece of ply wood.

These are just pieces of dryboard.

I drilled two holes in each side, then two holes for each side and the inside of the door.

I cut these pieces out of 1/2″ plywood and attached them with pipe clamp.

I put a small piece of wood on each piece and then drilled a hole for

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