There are a number of things that go into designing a modern house, but for many, the most important aspect is the look.

Modernist architect Peter M. Klimt created this home with this in mind.

The house in question was built on the site of a former church, and features modern features such as a large fireplace, vaulted ceilings, a roof garden and a new roof.

With a little work and love, these features can become the basis for an even more timeless look. 

The kitchen is a living room.

From the living room window you can see the dining room and kitchen.

A wall in the dining area can be turned into a small living room and a large dining table can be mounted. 

On the wall in front of the dining table you can also see the living area and kitchen sink, as well as the fireplace.

This is an ideal setting for entertaining. 

A window overlooking the dining hall and the kitchen sink is perfect for a picture-perfect view of the family living room or dining room. 

In the living areas, the windows can be made into a living area with a fireplace.

This dining room can be used as a dining table or a work area.

A large screen can be installed above the fireplace to give the room a more refined appearance.

The living room can also be turned up a notch by adding a second fireplace.

A full kitchen is also available for use. 

Here you can easily add an additional balcony or a private balcony for a more personal setting. 

As the house rises, you can add a window to provide views of the surrounding landscape and a small balcony above the dining areas.

This will give the house a modern look.

A large fireplace is a great way to create an outdoor dining area. 

This home features a large window in the living rooms, kitchen and living room that is turned into an outdoor kitchen. 

You can easily turn the kitchen into a dining area with an open dining table, and a work surface for your work.

This could also be used for work. 

Another great idea is to turn the living and dining rooms into an area for entertaining in the summer.

The kitchen could be turned over into a larger living room with a larger dining table.

A window over the fireplace could also serve as an outdoor seating area.

If you’re looking for an elegant and timeless home, you might want to check out Peter’s design at The Architectural Record.

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