This week, we’re featuring an interview with designer, little house designer and architect, Kate Molnar.

The design of Kate’s little house is one that’s definitely different than any of the rest of the little house world, and it’s certainly not for everyone.

It’s a design inspired by the small, intimate homes that her parents live in and how they used to live, but it’s also a design to take advantage of the many options you have at your disposal.

Kate explains her inspiration for the little home, and she shares the details of her home’s design, which has her thinking about the possibilities of a home design.

It was a very deliberate choice, and I thought it was going to be a really great little home.

Kate Mowrash and her family live in an old wooden house on a farm near Waco, Texas.

She says that, in her mind, the little homes that she designs and builds have a lot of similarities with the kinds of houses that people used to build on the farm.

Kate has built a few other small houses on the property, and these are her favorite ones.

She describes the structure of the old wooden home, which she calls a “square house.”

The structure of a square house is made up of a couple of boxes, and each box is designed to be slightly smaller than the others.

She calls the boxes “floors,” which are usually rectangular boxes that can be placed in a circle.

The idea behind the square houses is that you have an open plan with a lot less space than you would if you had a larger home.

A lot of the inspiration for Kate’s designs is based on the fact that people were always able to get the spaces that they needed in a home, but there were lots of ways to get around those spaces.

In her mind the idea is that there are a lot more ways to achieve a similar outcome, which is why Kate’s design is very much designed for the people who are living in small homes.

The house is also divided into three different parts, with a separate entrance for each room.

Kate says that the interior design for her little home was inspired by how her family lives in their home.

It looks very much like a living room, which makes it perfect for kids and the elderly.

There’s also an attached kitchen, which can be used for cooking and eating out.

In the backyard, Kate’s family keeps a garden.

The garden is actually a little bit bigger than the main living room in the house, so you can see the gardens from the back.

Kate also designed the bathrooms, which are the smaller rooms of the home.

They’re a little more traditional, and they also feature a door that you can lock to.

In addition to these smaller rooms, there’s also another bathroom that Kate’s mom has painted her room.

It has a big window in the front, and a small door that she can lock down.

Kate’s inspiration for this bathroom is the feeling that people have in their homes when they come home from work.

Kate thinks that people want to feel that they’re in the presence of their family, and that they are in a place that feels like home.

The layout of the small home is really a big part of Kate Mowitz’s designs, and Kate’s main focus is the layout.

The room layout is where the design is most focused.

Kate describes it as a very simple layout, where you have a single doorway, with no furniture, and then two large windows that are very narrow.

You have a small living room with one window that’s wide and a kitchen with two windows that’re wide.

There are also two smaller rooms that are connected by a small hallway.

This layout also allows you to make space for all of the furniture and to have a nice clean living area.

Kate and her design team really put a lot into the layout of this house.

It is really small, but the design really focuses on that, and the small spaces make it feel very, very cozy and very family-like.

Kate tells us that her design was very inspired by a traditional house, but she also wanted to create something that people would really enjoy to live in.

She wanted people to feel like they were part of the family.

She has a lot to say about how she created her design.

The little house, which was designed by Kate Mowlar, is one of the first small houses that Kate has designed.

Kate believes that small homes are a really good option when it comes to creating a house that feels homey.

Kate loves the idea of small spaces that allow for a sense of family.

Small spaces can also be more inviting and inviting when you’re home with family, Kate tells me.

She thinks that the concept of being able to put things in and out of your home is a great way to make sure that you’re always feeling loved. Kate

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