We’re not the first people to think that hillside homes are a must-have.

And while we can’t really compare it to traditional, two-bedroom houses, the idea is a big step forward from the last two decades of house building.

For the last decade or so, we’ve seen an influx of homes built on hilltops, from small and medium-sized towns to major cities.

While these homes may be simple and simple in appearance, the architectural designs often reflect a certain sort of architectural aesthetic.

Hilltop homes are designed to resemble a traditional, wood-framed, brick-lined, and stone-lined house.

This house has a lot of that, with a wood-frame style and simple but distinctive details like an open kitchen and an open bathroom.

The exterior design, too, is wood-clad and simple.

The interior features a lot more modern features, including a double-height walk-in closet and a large living room with a full-size sofa.

The front porch features a large glass sliding glass window.

In addition to the traditional stone-faced, two bedroom houses, these hilltop homes tend to be built in one- or two-story houses.

We know that, as a result, there’s a lot to be said for the hillside.

A hillside is a beautiful and natural space, and it’s also one of the few places you can actually enjoy nature, including beautiful views of the cityscape.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best hillside houses that we think are worth checking out. Read more

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