Designers at the Cat House Fabrication and Design studio in Seattle, Washington, have a knack for turning a room into a creative space, with a little help from their pets.

As Cat House owner and designer Erin Rieber tells me, “We’ve had cats for years, so we knew it would be an easy project for them to do.”

The first cat house, which is called the CatHouse, was built by the team of Cat House fabricators and designers.

Riebers’ design team has been working with the cats since 2014, when they were about to move from Seattle to Santa Cruz, California, where they live with her.

The cat house is designed to make the cats happy and cozy, with an open-air kitchen and outdoor living space.

Riesber has also been making cats-friendly furniture for years.

In fact, the designers have been making cat furniture since the 1960s.

“The CatHouse is about cat happiness,” Riebrings tells me.

“When I see a cat sitting in the living room, I don’t want them to be bored.”

Riebs creative team created a couple of cat house furniture designs, including a CatHouse sofa, and a Cat House chair.

The couch and chair are made of cat-friendly materials like wool, rayon, and bamboo.

“It’s an easy thing for them and it works great,” Riesbers says.

“They like it because it feels like they’re being cared for.”

The CatHouse can be set up in a number of ways, including as a living room or kitchenette, and has two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Riveber says that the CatHouses furniture can also be used as a sleeping area, as a couch, or as a bed.

“We have a few cat houses in Santa Cruz and we’ve had one for years now,” Riber says.

She says that some cat houses were originally built for people who wanted to live in their homes for a while, but the cats didn’t have a lot of room.

“But the cats love the Cathouse,” she says.

The CatHomes CatHouse furniture has a beautiful look and feel.

Ribers says that she and her team at CatHouse Design worked with her and her cat to design the furniture.

The design team includes the designer of the couch, Rieberg, as well as Riebbers husband, John Riebeck, the designer behind the CatLamp, a cat lamp that works just as well in the house as it does in the yard.

Reeber says the Cathouses CatHouse chairs and couches are very comfortable, and the design team even included a cat carrier for the cats to use while in the cat house.

She also said that the furniture was designed so that it would not cause any stress on the cats.

Rio’s design team at the same studio also has a cat house in Santa Rosa, California.

“My cats love it, too,” Rio says.

Her design team had the same cat house as Riesbs, but made it a bit bigger and with more space for the couch and sofa.

The room in the Cat house that Rio and Riebles designed was also made from cat-safe materials.

“There are lots of cats that like to play in the room, and it’s a great space for them,” Rioles says.

Riols cat house was also designed with the cat in mind.

“If you want to create a home for your cat, make sure your cats love your design,” Rieles says with a laugh.

Rios design team made a CatHouse bed, which features a large open-plan bed with a removable top for hanging clothes.

Rielas CatHouse design includes a sleeping space with a built-in cat carrier, and she also includes an extra cat carrier.

The cats love being cozy, and they love the way the Cat Houses bed is made from CatLamps and CatLapels, which are both CatLands.

“I like to use the Cat Lamps for storage,” Rios says.

CatHole furniture is made by CatHouse fabricators, Riesbbers, and Riolses.

CatHouse designers are very happy with the results.

“Every CatHouse we have made is one of a kind,” Risber says, noting that there are two CatHouse beds in the studio.

“You don’t see these beds in most houses, but they are so much fun to design.

They are so well-made, it makes it really fun to have cats in the kitchen,” she adds.

Ria, Ri, and their cat friends have made a lot out of the Cat Houses design.

“As a designer, you’re not going to get any of these beautiful cat houses,” Riams says.

But, as Riamses says, “the cat

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