The term sustainable house was first coined by the Environmental Defense Fund in 1999.

It refers to a house that has a design that is both low-impact and environmentally sustainable, but that also includes the environmental aspects of its construction.

A sustainable house also includes elements such as a roof that provides shade and natural light, and a ventilation system that keeps the air from entering the house through windows.

A sustainable house can be built on reclaimed land, with some modifications.

A house that is built on a site that is reclaimed or is environmentally sensitive may be called a “green house.”

Sustainable house design requires that it use a variety of sustainable materials.

Sustainable design also requires that all the buildings have green roofs, a sprinkler system, and other building systems that reduce the amount of energy and water required for building a house.

The EPA says the term sustainable is important because it reflects the sustainability of a house design and the way it is built.

“The word sustainable describes what the building is built to be,” EPA spokesperson Erin Gartner said in an email.

“A house can meet the requirements of a sustainable design without using any new materials, such as new building materials, or with some of the most environmentally friendly building practices.”

For example, a house built on an organic land use that is highly dependent on agriculture may not meet EPA sustainability standards.

However, a sustainable home could still be environmentally sensitive and have a built-in heat, water, and air system.

In fact, sustainable houses could be considered as a way of achieving a better balance between a house’s climate-friendly features and the environment, said Lisa Cusick, senior project manager at the nonprofit environmental group Earthworks.

“This is the perfect opportunity to take a look at how building a sustainable system could be integrated into a design for your own community,” she said.

The term “sustainable” is a reference to a particular set of standards, which are based on the principle that a house should be made from sustainable materials, Cusack said.

For example:The term sustainable refers to an environmentally friendly way of building a home that is made of recycled materials.

The word sustainability refers to building materials that are more resilient and resilient to natural disasters and other challenges.

The term means to be resilient to changes in weather and other circumstances.

“When we use the term ‘sustainable,’ we’re talking about building materials with low, sustainable, and/or sustainable energy consumption, Cisick said.

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