Posted October 11, 2018 08:06:47There is no shortage of tiny house designs and many of them have come from across the world.

But what is unique about these designs is the house design team is made up of a number of designers from different parts of the world and is a true team effort.

Here are a few of our favorites:One of the most popular designs for tiny houses in Asia is the ‘Ethiopic’ house design.

This is a tiny house built by the team of Darryl Yap, a renowned architect from Singapore, who has built dozens of tiny houses across Asia.

Darryl, who is based in Singapore, is known for his distinctive and playful designs.

His houses have been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest and The New York Times.

Here’s a look at the ‘ethiac’ house in Singapore.

Dry and spacious, this tiny home is designed to have a sense of privacy.

This tiny house has a number on the roof which allows people to view the outside.

A couple of years ago, Darryn’s team came up with the ‘Bamboo’ design for a small house in Indonesia.

The bamboo roof houses a small area on the inside with a central courtyard.

This design has been adapted to other countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Here is the bamboo bamboo home.

Drayon is an internationally renowned small house designer and he has designed numerous tiny house projects.

He has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and has even created an international brand for his house designs called ‘Drayons House’.

Here is a look inside one of his small house designs in IndonesiaDrayone is based out of London and his designs have been used in designs for homes in countries including France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Belgium.

He is known in the UK for his innovative house designs such as the ‘Rabbit’ house and the ‘Doodle House’.

This is a very stylish and stylish house designed by Darryon for a couple of young couples.

The house has two bedrooms and is situated in a secluded location.

It has a lot of space and is located in a quiet area in the back.

Here we see Darry on a tour of the design of the ‘Pig’ house.

Dory has created the ‘Stumpy’ design which has been used for a number small houses in the world including in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

This house is a modern and contemporary design with a large open area for a spacious living area.

This design is one of the many ‘Stumpys’ designs available to choose from in Dory’s house designs.

The ‘Sonic’ design by Dory is one design that has been popular with people in Australia and has been designed by a number architects including Andrew Stokes and Alan Williams.

Here, we see a look into the interior of the house.

This is one look into one of Dorys houses.

The Tiny House House Designs in Asia:The Asian house design community is thriving and there are a number that are becoming well-known and well-loved.

Here are some of our favourites.

The concept of the tiny house is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are moving away from their homes in search of a more peaceful life.

Here is our pick for the most iconic designs in the tiny home world.

Here it is!

Darryn Yap’s ‘Ethica’ house designed in Cambodia.

This home is located on a farm in a remote area of Cambodia.

The design is called ‘Ethia’.

This tiny house in India is called the ‘India Tiny House’.

This home has a total of four bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, two baths, and a full kitchenette.

This house in Malaysia is named ‘Mansa’ and it is based on a Chinese mythological character.

This tiny home in Indonesia is called “Mansan” and is designed by the architects of the company, Drayon.

This small house is designed for people who live in villages.

The designs of these houses have a lot to do with the environment and the way they look.

In this tiny, elegant house, there are many outdoor spaces for a large yard.

The interior of this house has many windows which make the house feel cozy.

This interior also has natural light that shines through and a large outdoor area that can be used for sleeping or relaxing.

The “Bamboo” design by ‘Darryon’.

The design for this house is called, ‘Binan’.

This house is located at a remote location in India and it has a great feel and is filled with natural light and natural light-absorbing plants.

Here you can see the “Binans” design.

This ‘Ethics’ design is an interesting design.

The designers

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