In Kerala, a home designer can create the ideal home for a wide range of buyers, with the potential to transform the landscape of an area into an eco house with its own identity.

This is due to the nature of Kerala’s eco system and the local community’s involvement in the design and construction of the homes.

A house designer must know about the local environment, the land, and how to create a sustainable design, says Vijayan Thakkar, CEO, House Design & Construction.

“Kerala is known for its organic farming and the farmers and the urbanites, as well as the people living there, are involved in the eco system.

The local people want a home that has the most natural, organic, sustainable feel.

They want a house that is beautiful and simple,” he says.

“The local people know what a good house looks like, and they want a place that is clean and cleanliness is the norm.

They also want a space that has all the features they need to live in it, including air and water.”

The best eco design in India is one that creates an atmosphere of harmony and balance in the home.

It should not only have the best design but also has the best balance of energy and water consumption,” he adds.

The local community has also ensured that every house is fitted with a proper garden to provide the ideal atmosphere for the farmers to grow their crops.

“When it comes to eco house, they have taken the decision to keep the original building material. “

They also have a lot of influence in the final design,” says Thakhar.

“When it comes to eco house, they have taken the decision to keep the original building material.

This ensures the house will be aesthetically pleasing and functional.”

The house designs are then then passed on to the buyers, who are given a choice between different designs to choose from.

They then decide on the one that will suit them best.

The design can be changed during the design process, but the design will not be sold until the buyer has signed a contract with the house designer.

“Most eco house designs in Kerala are a mix of traditional designs and modern designs,” says Vijaya.

“In order to attract buyers, we need to give them a home with a very natural feel.

For that, the builders have to give the house an organic feel.”

The local community and the builders are involved, and a lot has been done to ensure that every eco house is beautiful.

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