The city is planning to change the way people think about the house design landscape.

Dublin City Council has commissioned the architectural firm of Bauhaus architects for a series of house design drawings that will guide the city’s development.

The firm is expected to deliver the designs for the first phase of the project in 2019.

The concept behind the drawings, called House Designers, is to encourage the public to think about what is in a house.

It’s an attempt to create a sense of community through the design process and to encourage people to think outside the box.

A number of the drawings have been released to the public, and are available for anyone to see.

The drawings were commissioned by the city council to provide an idea of what the design of a house might look like in Dublin, and how the city would approach the design, design and construction of houses.

It is a process that is being described as “the most ambitious architecture and design project undertaken in Ireland since the construction of the city in the 1920s”.

The work is part of a larger programme of planning and urban design work undertaken by the Department of Housing and Local Government.

In addition to the House Designer project, the city has also commissioned a series the house drawings of other architectural firms, including a series that will look at the history and culture of the Irish city.

The city’s planning committee is expected in early 2019 to vote on whether to proceed with the building of the first of three houses, the house of the future.

The first two houses are due to be built in 2018.

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