“This is one of the few places I’ve ever actually lived, but I’d never thought about living in it,” says Zach, a 19-year-old who recently moved from Florida.

Zach had a brief fling with a house in Austin, but he says his first visit to the HoopHouse.com website was in April, and it was all about the design.

“It’s really nice,” he says.

“I’m not sure if I would’ve ever gone back to Austin if I wasn’t already living there.”

Zach started his journey to Hoop Houses by checking out an Austin Craigslist ad for a house on Craigslist and quickly realized there were far more houses available than the listing he’d seen.

“The house was really just a giant piece of cardboard that was sitting on the ground,” Zach says.

The home he found was the home of a local developer who had just moved from Los Angeles.

He had been working on the game, called Hoop, for about three years, and Zach’s first experience with it was “pretty awesome.”

The house featured a massive living room with a big, open kitchen and a big living room couch, which Zach says was “very comfy.”

The only real complaint Zach had was that the couch didn’t have enough storage.

Zach started thinking about what he could do to make the house look more inviting and comfortable.

“When I first saw it, it looked like a normal house, with a lot of doors and no furniture,” Zach said.

“But I went back and actually looked through the pictures and looked at the photos, and I saw that this house was completely made out of cardboard, and there was no furniture.”

Zach’s initial plan was to make a garage for the house, but Zach says he ended up doing more than he expected when he looked at other homes in the area.

“This house is really huge,” he said.

He ended up building a garage out of an old truck bed.

Zach says the house is “a pretty unique home, with no real walls, no windows, and a very low ceiling.”

The garage is about 5 feet wide and 6 feet tall, and the home’s exterior features a lot more than just walls.

Zach made a lot out of it.

The garage was also a lot bigger than he originally thought.

“For the garage, I went with a 6 foot x 8 foot garage,” he explained.

“That would be the width of the house.

The rest of the space is actually a small living room and a little backyard, and then a little shed and a garage.”

He also added a basement to the mix.

The only problem is that the house’s roof has a lot to do with it.

Zach said the house doesn’t have a proper foundation, and that it was not built for the weather.

“There are a lot parts of this house that are not really designed to be weatherproof,” he explains.

“My biggest issue is that there’s a lot on the roof that is not actually designed for weather, so I had to add a lot in.”

He added a second story that houses a large living room, and another small backyard, with windows, a living room sofa, a closet, and an outdoor kitchen.

Zach also added some furniture in the garage.

“You could just tell that this is really a big home,” he told me.

“And then I added a lot and it looked even bigger than it is.”

The most unusual part about the home, however, was the basement.

Zach estimates the basement contains only one bathroom, a small closet, a large kitchen sink, and about six storage containers.

He said the only reason he added so much is because the house was originally designed to house a lot.

“Everything else was built for people who would need to have a place to stay for a long time,” he added.

Zach’s goal is to add more and more space to the house and make it look like a home that people would want to stay in.

“Hoop House has an open design,” Zach told me when I reached out to him.

“We have a lot going on with the house.”

Zach said that his goal is “to do the coolest thing that I can do with the space, and make a house that is really, really comfortable.”

“The more I do this, the more it looks like a really big house,” he continued.

“Because it’s not just a huge house.

It’s like a big house that people want to live in.”

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