We can’t help but feel the nostalgia for the House and House of Card series as the series was very influential in creating a new type of television.

It’s still very popular today, but it’s time to look at some other great examples of what House of cards could look like if the theme design was more up to date.


The House of Marley 2.

The house of marley 3.

The palace of the marley 4.

The marley palace 5.

The garden of the house of lord of marly 6.

The sea of marleys 7.

The gardens of the prince of the castle 8.

The mansions of the House 9.

The kingdom of the palace 10.

The palaces of the Lords 11.

The houses of the princes 12.

The royal palace of lord marley 13.

The court of lord lord of the mansion 14.

The grand palace of knight of the kingdom 15.

The duchy of lord leo 16.

The noble duchies 17.

The courts of the lords 18.

The kingdoms of the king 19.

The castles of the lord lord 20.

The halls of the court of king 21.

The king’s court 22.

The castle of lord king 23.

The great palace of knights of the knight 24.

The capital of the duke 25.

The throne of the marquis 26.

The fortress of the earl of Warwick 27.

The towers of the burgomaster of Warwick 28.

The walls of the castles of lord burgomar 29.

The doors of the palaces 30.

The doorways of the houses 31.

The entrances of the rooms 32.

The entrance to the palace 33.

The stairway of the walls 34.

The staircase of the doors 35.

The stairs of the halls 36.

The way to the throne 37.

The ways of the gates 38.

The streets of the royal palace 39.

The roads of the streets of lord baron 40.

The rivers of the rivers of lord marquis 41.

The seas of the seas of lord serenity 42.

The oceans of lord jay 43.

The plains of the plains of lord borogoves 44.

The fields of the fields of lord harris 45.

The forests of the forests of lord yam 45.

The deserts of the deserts of lord harris 46.

The islands of the islands of lord davies 47.

The lakes of the lakes of lord rothard 48.

The springs of the springs of lord peter 49.

The ponds of the ponds of lord feith 50.

The marshes of the marshes

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