The new Little House on a Hill in the Swedish capital Stockholm has been a bit of a success in the first few weeks of construction, but the project has been plagued by a lot of problems and it is now being shut down.

The project was supposed to open in June and be completed in 2019, but was delayed due to an increase in construction costs and delays to a new construction project.

However, the project was finally completed in the autumn of 2018, after a long period of delays due to cost overruns.

The new project, which is expected to be completed by the end to end 2021, was designed by the Swedish architect André Nyström.

It is a house that has two levels of a one-bedroom unit and a one and a half-bedroom.

The main house has a loft that will house the living area.

In a word, it is an excellent design.

The design has a large courtyard on one side of the house and a larger, smaller courtyard on the other side.

The house is divided into three main sections that are separated by the main building.

There is a main kitchen and a second kitchen on the left side and a third kitchen on a different side.

This kitchen is a large one-and-a-half-story kitchen that can house four people.

The second kitchen is divided between two bedrooms and is equipped with a full bathroom.

In the centre of the courtyard, there is a bedroom with a bath and a large lounge area that will host a party.

The entire house will have two levels, each of which has a separate kitchen.

In one corner, there will be a living room, which has an attached balcony and a sitting area.

The other side has a smaller, smaller living room with a sitting room, and the main kitchen with a dining area and a bedroom.

The whole house will be divided into two bedrooms.

The two-bedroom house will contain two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a dining room.

The living room will have a small bedroom, a sitting space, a bathroom, a lounge area, and an attached bedroom.

There will also be a kitchen with four stovetops and two ovens.

At the back of the main house, there are a large open area that contains a swimming pool and an outdoor terrace.

The outdoor terraces have a large deck and a swimming pond that can be used for fishing and sunbathing.

A swimming pool with a sauna, sauna with a hot tub, steam room, hot tub with shower, a saunas and saunters, and other features are located on the ground floor.

On the other hand, the main bedroom will have only one bedroom.

It will have three bathrooms and a single large sitting area that can accommodate two people.

There are also a living and dining areas in the kitchen.

There has been no announcement of the price of the project yet, but it will probably cost around EUR 6 million.

The developers hope to raise the funds to build the house, which will be about the same price as the original project.

They also hope to start the building process this year and will be able to finish it in 2022.

In other words, this is an ideal project.

The owners of the Little House are hoping that the project will be the start of a long-term trend of new, small, and affordable homes in Sweden.

The development was also funded by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

The Little House is located on a 1,500-square-metre lot, and has been designed to look and feel as though it has been built with the latest in materials and construction technology.

The building materials used were recycled from a number of different places, including a Swedish town that uses recycled steel.

The architects of the new house say that they have taken a lot out of their existing house, and it will be more of a challenge for them to do it in a way that is sustainable.

In fact, they believe that the building will be so good that people will stop using their existing houses.

The designers say that the new Little house will allow people to go back to the old days and enjoy living in a small home.

The site will be used by a small school for classes in the winter and by the local government.

The price for the new building has not been announced, but a brochure that is being distributed at the project’s opening day is asking people to donate €10,000 for the project, so that they can help to pay for the building and construction costs.

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