DES MOINES, Iowa — “Abandon” was the motto of the American home designer who built a house in the middle of nowhere, and it’s not the kind of sentiment that inspires a lot of people.

The designer, Mike Sorenson, told CNN he can no longer bring it to life, though he’s still trying to find a buyer for the home he built on a former Army base in rural North Dakota.

The home, designed by Sorenssons wife and fellow designer Jennifer, was the subject of a CNN series that aired last year, and the home has now been the subject at least two of the most controversial home shows ever.

Sorenson’s design, which is now the subject in the 2016 home design season, was inspired by the idea that people who have been away for a while don’t necessarily want to return to their homes, even if it means the home becomes a ghost town.

He has a theory about why.

“If you want to be able to go back to a place that’s been abandoned for so long, you want a lot more interaction with it,” he said.

The design is based on the concept of “ghost towns” — places where the population has not been around long enough for their families to get along.

And for people who live in the area, this is often a challenge.

The couple started thinking about what to do with the house that they had left behind when they moved in, and they thought it was time to go into it with a fresh mindset.

“We thought, maybe if we’re able to find some sort of buyer who wants to buy it, then we can do it,” Sorenkson said.

“We thought maybe we could make a lot less money if we went into it and did a few things right and got a little bit of the community involved, and if we could get some people to come over and help us, then that would be great.”

Sorenksson said that his wife and the other designer have had to work on the design to get it back on the road.

“It’s a house that was abandoned for years, and now it’s back on its feet,” he told CNN.

“But we’re still not really sure where we’re going with it.

We’ve got to figure out how to get this back on a regular basis.”

This house has a lot to offer, but we can’t really do it because it’s just not sustainable,” he added.

The house has been out of use for about a year and a half, and for the last couple of months, the couple has had to do a lot on-site work to keep it running, including digging a small lake to make the house more usable.

Sennys wife said that her husband had been planning for the future, and had started talking about how they could eventually sell the house.

But Sorenys house has proven a tough sell.”

A lot of our friends have told us that they want to buy the house, and we’re all looking for something different, so we can sell it,” she said.

She said that it has been an amazing experience, but that she knows that she will have to take some time to work out what her next move will be.

The American dream of moving to the country and living in a home with the right people has been in the forefront of the Sorenkys’ minds, and she and her husband were also looking forward to returning to their hometown in the next few months.”

The future of this house is not going to be that bright,” Jennifer said.”

There are a lot that we love in this town, and I love the people here, and when I get back, I want to make a really great home for them,” Soreson added.

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