A new style of house design is in the works for a Melbourne suburb.

Architect Paul O’Connor has developed a design that aims to make old homes more appealing to tourists and their families.

The house is based on an old Victorian structure, called the “old log house”.

It’s part of a larger project to design a new house in the town of Tullamarine, north of Melbourne.

The project involves creating a new structure that is inspired by the structure, with the help of local artist Robert M. Scott.

“I’ve been thinking about a new style, something that’s a little bit more ‘log house’, but still retains the feel of the original structure,” Mr Scott said.

“There’s some elements of the old house that I really like, but there’s also a lot of modern ideas, which is a big reason why I love the project.”

He said the design had been influenced by the design of the log house, which was a small house built between 1790 and 1795.

“It’s got a lot to do with the fact that the loghouse is really a large house, and the log is also a large tree,” Mr O’Neill said.

“So when I saw the old log I thought it would be an ideal design to incorporate some of those elements, to create something that was a little more modern.”

A new design for a town in North AustraliaThe new house is designed to incorporate elements of a Victorian log house that is about 100 years old, with a modern design and wood grain.

“The old loghouse has a lot more timber than the new house, but it also has a great amount of timber that’s in the structure,” he said.

The new design is a departure from the log structure, but Mr O-Connor said it was still a natural fit.

“We’re a bit of a log house junkie,” he explained.

“Our traditional house is in Melbourne, it’s in a house on the side of the road, but in Tullamea it’s a house that has been here for more than 500 years.”

The house has been designed to blend into the existing townscape and provide a unique sense of space, Mr O’-Connor said.

He said he wanted to bring a new approach to house design.

“Log houses are not quite traditional, they’re a little different to traditional houses, so we’re trying to create a little ambience, a little little different environment that will be interesting to visitors,” he added.

“That’s why we wanted to do this.”

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