There are many ways to decorate your home, from the classic, to the whimsical, to modern.

But the best way to decorating is to do it yourself.

That’s what home designer Paula Schott wants to show you with her new book, Duck House Design.

Schott is one of a small group of designers who believe that designing your own home is a skill, not a skill set.

That means you can have a lot of fun with your designs, and you can learn a lot about your neighborhood and the people in it, she said.

“It’s like going into your own backyard and building a duck house,” she said, “but it’s completely different than any other backyard, because there are all these birds and you know they’re all going to be eating your eggs and chicks.”

“I think it’s amazing that people want to share their ideas and their designs with others, but I think that they also want to be able to learn a little bit more about the different styles that people are using,” she added.

In addition to the book, Schott is offering a free online course that will give you everything you need to know about duck house decorating.

“I wanted to bring this into the home,” she told ABC News.

“I want to inspire and share ideas and help people do their own thing.

This is going to help people learn a bit more and make a difference in the world.”

The Coursera course, which is designed for those who already have an account, will give students a chance to design their own duck houses and build them with the materials they need.

The course, called Duck House: A New Way to Design, is being offered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University at Buffalo, and the University Center for Design, Architecture, and Planning.

Students will learn how to paint, glue, cut, and paint, as well as create custom furnishings and a variety of other home-themed decorations.

The Coursist course will also help them develop their designs.

“This course is going up and it’s going to get a lot more interactive and interactive with the video lessons,” Schott said.

The videos will help the students learn how the duck house works, and they will learn about how to create a custom duck house.

Schot also wants her students to feel comfortable enough to share what they are working on, so that they can share the results with their peers.

“People have a responsibility to share with their friends and with their family,” she explained.

“They don’t have to share it with the world, they just have to show it to their friends.”

Students will also learn how she plans to use her new duck house designs in her upcoming book, which she is publishing this fall.

The first chapter, “How to Create a Duck House,” will teach students how to make a duck, build a duck nest, and get the ducks to sit on their own.

The next chapter, called “How To Build a Duck Castle,” will show students how she built her first duck house in an alleyway and will explain how she does the other work that goes into a duckhouse.

“This is going for people who have never done a duck,” she joked.

“There’s a lot to learn.”

Students can sign up to take the Coursiste course online for $35 a month.

Schowt also has a book coming out in 2018 called Duck Design: A Guide to Designing Homes.

Schott plans to publish the book in the fall of 2019, and she said she hopes to make the book available to anyone who wants to get into the craft.

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